How to make Roses with Icecream
Icecream roses cone

Hi Sweeties!

For this video tutorial I wanted to make something different and fresh but sweet at the same time, just how I like it, ahahahahahha

How you all know it’s hard to work with sugar paste at summer time, and an ice cream cone was just what I wanted. So I thought to look on the internet some ice cream decorations and I found these wonderful ice cream cones that look like flowers or, better, roses.

I used vanilla and chocolate ice cream, my family loves these flavors, but imagine them colored, maybe, with some pink strawberry flavor, purple like the blueberrie ice cream, anyway you can choose whatever you prefer.

After I was done with the video I found some with double colors… too bad i didn’t think about it before :(

It seems like this techinque was invented in Thailand.

Look how beautiful they are:

Truck Ice Cream

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make them this good, but my guests were impressed anyway, maybe becuse for them it was something new, just like it was for me.

Icecream: Chocolate, Vanilla
Icecream Cone

???? MATERIALS ????
Cheese Knife

Let’s take a sneak peek…
Ice cream cone roses

Ice cream cone roses

Ice cream cone roses

Ice cream cone roses

Ice cream cone roses

To watch the full tutorial click on this video: